Email to Sharepoint

  • Have emails sent to your Office 365 Exchange mailbox appear as list items in SharePoint

  • Customer orders, queries or anything else. Use it to start Internal Workflows or just initiate and track Tasks.

Digiform's Email to SharePoint List Service can make work items trackable, assigned persons accountable and your company more efficient.

Our solution runs in the cloud. So no downloads, no complex installs, no desktop applications and no upfront software purchase.

Contact us for a free 14-day no obligation trial

What will you need before trying to service:

  • A valid Office 365 user email address and password for Exchange and SharePoint Access
  • A SharePoint Site with a the List Item you want to match to (for the Lite version please make sure you have "Sender" (Singleline Text) and "Body" (Multiline Text) fields)
  • A Valid SharePoint site URL - for example
  • A valid Windows Live, Google or Yahoo account for authentication
  • Please note that P plans are not supported at this time
Enterprise and standard service pricing and details to be released soon - choose "Talk to Us" form on the right if you have any questions or requests.
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    Cloud Solutions

    Hosted Cloud Solutions, generally in the form of Web Services, allow you to move business processes into the cloud Infrastucture. Allowing access from anywhere and virtually any device.

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    Both Cloud (Office 365) and On-Premise SharePoint can provide out of the box document storage and collaboration and be customised to make your business more efficient..

    • Improve team productivity with collaborative tools
    • Easily manage documents and content
    • Deploy business processes solutions
    • Advanced file sharing
    • A cost-effective foundation for Web apps
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