About Us

Digiform 365 are a division of Digiform's - specialising in Cloud, Sharepoint and Online solutions

Digiform (http://www.digiform.com.au) was first registered in Australia in 2009. Digiform traditionally specialises in Business Process Optimisation for medium to large companies. This includes Document Processing (Scan, OCR and Workflow) and custom solution development (thick and thin client).

Digiform 365 was created in late 2011 to differentiate our Cloud Services from our traditional offerings and allow us to provide a more focused offering for our clients.

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    Cloud Solutions

    Hosted Cloud Solutions, generally in the form of Web Services, allow you to move business processes into the cloud Infrastucture. Allowing access from anywhere and virtually any device.

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    Both Cloud (Office 365) and On-Premise SharePoint can provide out of the box document storage and collaboration and be customised to make your business more efficient..

    • Improve team productivity with collaborative tools
    • Easily manage documents and content
    • Deploy business processes solutions
    • Advanced file sharing
    • A cost-effective foundation for Web apps
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